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I have updated to the latest version. After re-installing X-Plane my PC screen turns black when I am 10 minutes into the flight (e.g. edds-eddh) using FMC. Changing to an external view brings back the display and I can go back into 3D cockpit view, but after 10 sec. it turns black again. ON THE GROUND i HAVE NO ISSUES: I have disabled all PlugIns (6) but no change.

I already re-installed from the DVD and this also was no solution. The original (first)  installation of X-Plane worked fine and there were NO changed to my hard- or software I use.

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it looks like your loss of consciense or hipoxia effect are activated. It happens when a preassurization problem exists. In settings, general tab, you must unmark this box for the simulator not to re-create that effect.

I don't know exactly how this option appears in your system because my version is in spanish.

I hope this will help.

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Hi Paul,

I am not with Laminar Research, just a flight simmer.

Others have had the same problem.  

In creating your question you have created an orange tag labelled "Black screen".  Click on the tag and it will list out 5 other question as well as yours.   Scroll through the answers for those other questions.  You may find a solution.

Good luck

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Hey Glenn


thx, not really one answer describes the same issue. I have noticed that when my altitude is below 10.000 ft. or so, the screen doesn´t smoke out. When I´m not in flight, the screen stays OK. When I have the problem in flight, I can always get a normal screen again by pressing shift-6 for external view and than W for cockpit view. This however only holds for 10-20 seconds, then the screen smokes out gently again.


Many thanks for responding so quickly:-)

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