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I got X-Plane 11 last night, and waited for it to download. Once I open the link on Steam to play, everything seems normal as it says that it's installing everything. I get to the point where it says "Finishing Asynchronous Loading.". 45 minutes later, it's still at the same position. I don't want to waste my money on a fantastic looking simulator that won't for me. I also DO NOT want to get RAM which I have the required amount already.

I hope I can get my answer on how to fix this problem very soon!

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The link above is my log.txt file.

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I'm glad you appreciate it. I can't see any link though.
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This case seems to be a hard one though ; from what I could read by looking for the word asynchronous in the search box, in the top right corner of this website.

I would suggest this topic, knowing that jroberts works for Laminar Research :

At this point, I would suggest you contact directly Laminar Research customer service at, with as many details as possible (log.txt plus see the link above).
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Okay, thanks for the support! The log.txt is still being checked, so that is probably why you don't see it.

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Ok, I hope you will find the solution.

If you do, please take some time to update your tags (at least, add "asynchronous", so that your question can be found later) and tell us how you solved it.

All the best with that,