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I have used simulators nearly since they existed for PCs.

Lately i tried the demo version of X-plane 11 and was very pleased with all the features available in it.

One feature however was very annoying:

I was flying in one direction and seemed like getting no where, as if i had a very strong head wind.

Flying the pattern ending always high on final approach made me suspicious.

Finally testing the actual ground speed i found the simulator was actually moving at barely half of what the actual ground speed should be.

That would be a big drawback if  the same would happen on the full version.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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Answer found in the Xplane 11 Manual

it has to do with the flickering rate and is subject to CPU and VRAM performance.

My PC has the absolute minimum requirements and cannot work properly with Xplane simulator.

the demo worked just fine in this case and cannot ask for more.

regards to the Xplane team.