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hello. When i play Xplane 11 my plane turns to the left. is there something wrong with my yoke ore is it the game? Please Answer

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You don't "play" X-Plane, you "fly" it. For the tendency: You didn't tell what plane you are "playing"; maybe try a glider that has no propeller, and watch whether the plane still pulls to one side.

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Hi Mate,

Left turning tendencies. Google it and it will tell you about them. Pretty much its because of Torque, P Factor, Gyroscopic precession and spiralling slipstream. Mostly the first three but fourth one still has some effect.

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Set up one of your Yoke buttons to Trim to the left and right and as you are taking off, trim it to the right until your plane flys straight without needing to turn the yoke to counter it.