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X-Plane 11 (or 10, same question) -- I see how to set the forward view so that I don't see the interior of the cockpit and I've mapped that to one of my joystick's buttons.  When I try to pan left/right or use the 45-degree left/right instructions, I see the interior of the cockpit.  Is there any way to pan the view left/right without seeing the interior of the cockpit?

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There isn't a default command for that that I am aware of. You could try using the quick look feature to create your own custom view with free camera.

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Thank you very much -- I hadn't realized I could do that.  Obviously I haven't investigated the possibilities very much yet.  I've had Xplane10 for a few years but my computer never did a great job with it. I finally have a computer with a decent processor and graphics card so Xplane11 is superb and now I need to spend time to delve deeper than I have.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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