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- Is DK2 supported ?

- Are the touch controllers mandatory for X-Plane VR to run ?

- When will the AMD support issue be fixed so the FPS can get better in order to support VR ?

If the touch controllers are mandatory then this will definitely not be for me, I am exclusively flying helicopters and won't go without real cyclic and collective controls in hands.


Another thought : In case VR is disabled it would be nice have a message in the log stating why.

Someone on the org says that VR with standard controllers works. If this checks out true then the second question here has been answered. I am still waiting on the other two to figure out why I am not getting anything.

Found here : something stating that the standard controllers work.

Did a quick check, samples and personnal projects are fine with Oculus SDK 1.15.0.

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i totally agree you should not have to be forced to use the controllers if you dont want them or need them and you dont need them to fly choppers they would be totally unflyable 

i wish they would just stick yo REALISTIC flight sims it is not a game it is a simulator 

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Works with my Oculus Rift, although I get a lot of stuttering.  

This release requires the touch controllers but they said they would be adding other controls and HOTAS support in later versions.  The nice thing about the touch controllers is that you can actually flip the switches etc with the controls.  

I'm gonna wait for the next release, hopefully that solves the stuttering issue, and over the next little while additional control types should be forthcoming.
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Try this.

I've spent many hours trying to solve this problem, simply because I've experienced it at it's finest, silky smooth with no stutter at all, then BAM ! unplayable, for what I thought was no apparent reason, until now...

Try this, works 100 percent of the time for me. 

1. Uninstall Oculus Tray Tool (it does nothing you can't achieve by other, easier means)

2.Browse to C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics and run the OculusDebugTool.exe (make a shortcut on your desktop)

3. Set your Pixel Display Override ( I use 1.5 and can see everything clearly), and set Asynchronous Spacewarp to DISABLED.

4. Fire up X-Plane and go into the Steam VR settings on the grey box that pops up at the bottom of your screen, in the Performance tab make sure the two bottom check boxes have ticks in them, close the settings window.

5. Back in X-Plane, load your flight and when you are in your plane move your head back and forward rapidly, if you see stutter keep reading !

6. Stay in the plane, and in the Oculus Debug Tool that's still running on your desktop, click on the Asynchronous Spacewarp tab, change from Disabled  toFORCE 45fps ASW ENABLED.

7. As soon as you make that change you might notice your graphics card not working as hard, back in the plane move your head about and you should be free from stutter.

The next time you want to run X Plane just start the Oculus debugging, disable ASW, start X Plane, get in a plane then Force Enable 45fps ASW, and you're good to go.

I've tried this with mostly planes that aren't certified to work in VR and it works perfectly for all of them, good luck and have fun, if it works for you please spread the word, it makes the difference between a rubbish experience and an outstanding one !

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Thanks for the tips but I am not there yet unfortunately. I have the enable VR box checked but nothing is happening in my DK2, I am still seeing th Oculus home whatever thing. I did check that my setup was working using Oculus SDK samples and my personnal projects.

Which is why I asked what was exactly required to get VR running. Again my guesses are :

  • The DK2 is not supported but it is not explicitely specified on the X-Plane dev blog where VR was announced.
  • The controllers are mandatory in order to get the VR display started, although they might not be needed to fly the planes.

Unfortunately I do not see anything in the log that would say why VR is not working, so I am left guessing.

Now that the holydays are over I am sure that someone knowledgeable at LR will answer my questions.


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At this time, controllers are required to use X-Plane VR. Developers are looking into other UI options but they have not been decided or implemented yet.

Full VR requirements are stated here.

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Thank you very much for this answer. After looking at how to install SteamVr I figured out that it can not be installed unless I first install Steam, which leads to another question :

- Is it mandatory to have stean running in order to use VR in X-Plane, or can I un-install it as I do not need it for anything ?

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I think you can run Steam VR without the full Steam software running, but I wouldn't say you could uninstall it entirely. I have encountered minor issues when I've had VR running without regular Steam running, and you may have to update Steam VR through Steam.

If you're interested, here is an article on why we require Steam VR.