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After earlier update, before 11.10beta the cabin lights and taxi lights did work!

However this has happens before,
I mean that suddenly, after an update, the lighting function does no longer light up the cabin, instrument or ground.

Pleas check up this problem so we not have to use Shift/n all the time when it's dark, and its also much easier to taxi when any lights give you effect. Now you have to use Lanidng Light instead, and that is not correct.

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Not sure if this will help or not. Check your Graphics setting and make sure you visual effects is set to high (HDR). This has worked for me in the past. Maybe on the update the graphics had changed. Settings>Graphics>Visual Effects.
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P.S. Don't forget to restart x-plane after changing graphic settings. :)
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That works, thxs.

However, due to the bad graphic constructure o X-plane 11 - who makes very bad fps on great graphic card, I need to run lover than HDR, to at least get up to 20 fps. Before the lightning was shown on lover level on "visual effect settings, i.e. as it does of the daylight..

It seams a bit stupid to have EnV GTX 1080 and a i7 4.6 Ghz + 32 Gb ram and get so awful low fps. The overlay from geforce - showing FPS on the "card" - gives 110 fps when X-plane only deliver 20-22 fps, so the graphic standard is bad, or out of the times of today's graphic standard for 3D programming. I think it's maybe some bad emulating problem between X-plane and GeForce standard...?

If I over-clock the card GPU (who is running 1 000Ghz as standard) I will only get around 2 fps extra, and that also shows that 70-80% of the FPS-"power" is "killed" by X-plane.