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I am using the HTC Vive with 11.20 but I have no sound coming from the headset. I have tried with other titles and it works fine. In X-Plane the sound only comes out of the speakers.
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I have the very same issue.  Happened with FlyInside as well.  Removing all USB connections through SteamVR and reinstalling the headset will restore audio through the headset but only the first time.  Next time I launch X-Plane and the audio is gone again.  

Only through the headset though.  Audio comes through (mirrored to my TV) but does not come through the Vive.
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Yeah, my problem as well. I can hear the sound on the speakers, just not on the headset.
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Last few days have been weird.  Sometimes I get audio, most times I do not.  Today, I had audio only for the coms but nothing else came through the headset.
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Mine never has sound...

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In general we've found the quickest way to "fix" strange VR set issues is to restart the computer and try launching everything again. :)

Otherwise, you could check how the audio is configured in the operating system to make sure the headset is picked.
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Yeah I've done all that, to no avail. I usually only resort to support or forums if I go through some troubleshooting :(