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I seem to be having trouble with the ATC when leveling off at my cruise altitude. I set the barometric pressure and the md80 and 737 will indicate that I am at cruising altitude of lets say FL300. However the ATC tunes in every minute telling me to climb and maintain FL300. Its so annoying I cannot continue to use the ATC services without being harassed about my flight level. is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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Did you readback the transmission? If you did not do this thats why your having troubles.
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Yes I have read back the message and they continue to bark back climb and maintain orders
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Try setting your pressure to 2992 or whatever atc recommend, if it’s a few points out it can put your altitude out by more than 300ft which will trigger the atc alert. I often get this if using real weather as the pressure changes quite quickly.
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Flying at flight level (FL) requires you to set the standard altimeter setting of 29.92inHg or 1013hPa in Europe, not the regional altimeter or QNH.

When you are instructed to climb/descent to ALTITUDE, you have to set the regional altimeter/QNH, FLs always require 29.92/1013.