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good morning

Il purchase X-PLANE 11 with DVD

Install was OK and X-PLANE launch correctly.

X-PLANE tell me to do a upgrade . This process worked correctly but now X-PLANE do not work (black screen)

Can you help me ?

I joint log.txt



imageDownload file

ps : excuse me for my poor english (i'm french)

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If it is due to a rendering issue, you can try starting in safe mode to see if lowering the rendering options will help: You may bring up the option to enter safe mode only if you start the sim with the shift key pressed down.

Otherwise move the preferences folder (found in the Output folder) to the desktop, then restart X‑Plane and default preferences will be restored. If the default preferences do not fix your problem, you can simply replace them with the folder you moved to the desktop and restore your personalized settings.
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