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I have a sim that until they are networked, each computer has a very good frame rate running the same aircraft at  the same graphic set up. I can run the program on either computer and they respond as desired. However, if I network them; while the master maintains that high frame rate and quality of display the slaves' display goes crazy. It starts flickering between possible views and the display comes and goes. The slave computer frame rate drops to almost null even though the master keeps its display perfect with selected view with a frame rate averaging 40-50 FPS. I finally get an error message on the slave stating that the frame rate cannot be supported? The aircraft on the slave also has yellow lines coming out from the aircraft.

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Sounds like there are a lot more problems with networking your computers together than just frame rate! Does each of the computers have the same aircraft, scenery, etc installed? It would be interesting to see the log.txt from the slaved computer when it is running the flight on its own and has good FPS, and then a copy of the log from after using the network set up with that same flight on the master machine that makes it go crazy.

Otherwise, I would probably need much more detailed information about this situation to investigate further. I'd need you to outline every step you take to see this, so that I could try to set it up _exactly_ the same way on my machine.