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I just download Demo version for Linux Ubuntu 64 bit. I unable to steering aircraft by mouse probably beacuse X-Plane thinks I have a joystick. But I do not! I have only keyboard and mouse. Is here any way to force mouse usage for steering instead of joystick?

P.S.: I want to try demo version a bit before buying full version and extra hardware like a joystick.

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I would suggest that you get a joystick. Depends what you want though.

 Low range=Those cyborg joysticks/Trustmaster

Mid range= Saitek X-55/X-52/Thrustmaster

High range= Thrustmaster Warthog
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X-Plane knows you don't have a joystick and are using a mouse. Did you "grab" the controls by clicking the mouse near the center of the windshield? When using the mouse to fly there is a small white plus sign that you need to click near in order to control the plane. There's a screenshot & more info in this section of the manual.

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The problem is I do not see that plus sign. Yes I saw it in manual but I can not find it on my screen. Also I have tried to find it in different view modes but unsuccessful.
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You could try changing the time to night. That makes the symbol orange so it might be easier to see. If you don't see it, you can still try clicking near the center of the windshield until the control box comes up. It's easier to see than the single plus sign.

If you think X-Plane is incorrectly registering a joystick & disabling mouse input, please upload your log.txt found in the main X-Plane folder and a screenshot of your Joystick & Equipment Axis tab.
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Log file imageDownload file

Screenshot imageDownload file

I use this wireless mouse+keyboard and nothing else connected to my PC via USB


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What exactly is this in your log file:

"Microsoft Microsoft® 2.4GHz Transceiver v8.0"

What kind of device is it?  It appears to be registered as a device in /dev/input/eventX, and seems to be an axis controller to X-Plane.
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What kind of device is it?

Is is wireless mouse+keyboard, this one Is it not a joystick. And I have had joystick.