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I am trying to use the CH Pro Pedals with X-Plane on Linux. I can confirm the USB device is successfully conntected via jstest:

benjic@gunter ~> jstest /dev/input/js1 Joystick (CH PRODUCTS CH PRO PEDALS USB ) has 3 axes and 0 buttons. Driver version is 2.1.0. Testing ... (interrupt to exit) Axes: 0:-32767 1:-32767 2: 0 ^C 

This utility shows that the all axis are present and functional along the range of input in addition to the joystick name. It looks like X-Plane is not considering this device as a valid joystick. Has anyone had any experience with configuring the joystick input or xplane to use this device?

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Do you run X-Plane with sudo or do you use udev rules?  The way we look for joysticks changed in 11.10. This article explains how this affected some Linux users and has some info on fixes.

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Your question of whether I was running as root or not inspired me to check the permissions of the devices. I noticed that my functional yoke controller had an ACL applied to the device which gave my user explicit rwx permissions and my rudder pedals device was missing this ACL.

My system was adding device to the input group, so I included my user within that group and it resolved my problem.