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Not sure if I should be asking this, but what is the most reliable driver for X-plane 10? I am using a GTX 970 4gb vram. How do I fix graphical bugs? Only by installing drivers for my GPU? HDR(depends on GPU) isn't working properly so is my card "bad" by any chance (1 month old)?

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Hi Rishi,

I have a GTX 750 & did not see any problems with HDR mode & the default Baron with driver version 361.75. I just upgraded to 362.0 and did see an issue with the side door showing up through the plane today.

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I have the exact same issue with that aircraft and the FF 777 but with 350.12 and 347.88. Finally u have what I am trying to solve for a month. I will try 361.75
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Driver 361.75 isn't solving anything

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