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Headset: The Rift

The following is my system specs:

- GTX 970

- I5 4690k

- 10GB RAM

I use VR a lot and have never had any fps issues yet. I got X-Plane 11 and after seeing videos of the VR I wanted to set it up of course. Once I entered a flight in a Cessna on a grass strip I was greeted by a lot of stuttering and the screen becoming jagged in movement. I first assumed it was my computer hardware being the issue but later came to realise that it occurred throughout high, medium and low settings. I also noticed, according to task manager, that my gpu and cpu were only being used to around 40-60%. That, confused me and I was wondering what this could be. I love the VR for X-Plane and how realistic it feels. Lastly, I noticed when I somehow managed to get the aircraft in the air that the stuttering was reduced a tad but not by much. The jagged movement was also reduced. Yet when I faced the clear sky with each view nothing minimised the stutter or jagged movement. 

Any ideas on how to solve this or if it will be solved would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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i have same problem too

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You should delete (or move for backup) the entire .../X-Plane 11/Output/Preferences folder. You will lose all your settings, but this often gives good results.
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Thank you for this, it seems to have reduced the jagged movement but the stuttering continues unfortunately.
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Do you manage to have 40 fps in non-VR mode? This is Laminar Research recommendation to enjoy satisfying VR experience..
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Yeah I get a constant 60 without vr. This can change in congested areas like a large airport and I can be lowered to 35-40
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Maybe you van check that video. Even though it's not exactly related, it might give settings ideas :