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Just downloaded x plane 11. Installed it. The program stops, until I use alt tab. Then it will proceed to the next input but will not execute it until I hit alt tab again. It seems as though windows is interfering, but it is not. Is the alt tab function interrupting something else running in the program's background keeping it from moving forward?

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Hi, can you include your log.txt file? You will find it in X-Plane 11 directory.
Did you install additional third party plugins? If yes, try to uninstall them, see if the problem is still there.
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What you describe looks like a loss of window focus. Sometimes some stupid background programs that pop up a new windows for a fraction of a second cause this. After such windows close, your window does not get back the focus until you either hit Alt+Tab, or click with the mouse in it.

Go look for such unusual programs. I guess you are using Microsoft Winodws. Look for a tool named "sysinternals autostarts". You can use this tool to find out any programs that start automatically on your system, and you can temporarily disable each of those (you should know what you are doing and how to recover from it).