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A short report of some technical issues when installing the X-Plane (digital download version)

I just got my copy of X-Plane this week and tried a few times to install it on my Windows part of the computer.

No luck in there ever! The installer halts every time at 'Check Servers' where it is downloading "patch from London". This download freezes at 25%.  Quite soon the installer prompts telling something about having reached a timeout...

Having a Ubuntu on my machine as well I thought it won't do any harm to try to install a Linux version of X-Plane.

This installer survived the obstacle where the Windows version halts every time.

Right at this moment I am downloading/installing some 11 GB of data. Let's see how the X-Plane will work on Linux ... in about 2 hours :)

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Please attach a copy of the installer log.txt (found on the desktop) from a failed Windows install. Note that the installer will overwrite this document every time it runs.
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Here it comes!

1. After having difficulties in running the installer of the Win 64-version of the X-Plane, I complained of that to the [email protected]. Their response as soothing as: "Hello, Sir.  Thank you for your interest in X-Plane and for taking the time to write in.  That URL listed below ( is the only server we have set up to download the program.  Keep in mind that X-Plane is very large and that it can easily take 20 to 60 hours to download and install the program if you tell the installer to download scenery for All of Earth.  Definitely, it would be a good idea to be selective in what you ask the installer to do, how much scenery to download, etc."

- this answer did not address to the problem as it was (at least of how I saw it to be) ... "did I ever get that far to even to have a chance to select the scenery files to download and install? ... unfortunately I did not."

2. Having sent another "request of support having failed another installation of this payed product", also having provided the log.txt file of the failing installation + a file of "screenshots of how I tried to install this product and sadly failed", to [email protected] ... I have not to this day received an answer/query for further information.

But now my rant on the "Q&A @" finally has been notified.

This (

) is the "log.txt" out of the failed install of the X-Plane on

- Windows 10, 64-bit

- installing it on an user account "pretending" being the administrator (Run as Administrator)

- installing the software out of and in to somewhere else than the 'Desktop'.


This log.txt is from my last attempt

- on Win10 64-bitg

- having logged on the system as  the Administrator

- running and telling the installer run and install from/on the 'Desktop' of this administrator's account

By the way... on the 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit)

1. the downloaded installer did not halt like the installer on Win 10 did, but

2. seems to have downloaded 'only' the scenery files and other options I had the choice to choose of

3. the installer ran fine = seems to have installed 'everything' I asked it to install, and

4. the software seems to be running as well as I expected

If needed for a comparision, the X-Plane Installer Log.txt in Ubuntu 15.10 is here:



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Please double check your internet connection on the Windows side (error: 28 is a time out from lack of net connection). If all else fails, since you have successfully installed it on the Linux side, you could use the same install on Windows if you have a way to transfer it over. As long as you aren't running both copies at the same time with the same product key, you should not have any problems with two of the same install.
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Coming back to this issue...

1. The installation on Ubuntu, it works like I think it should: it let me to install the software, update it= download further scenery packages + third party software... I have not tried "too much" but the thingies I have tried...they will install and work. On the Ubuntu.

2. On the Windows 10 many things are very different. This is something i need to work on... installing X-Plane10 is far not the only package that halts... there have been some other packages I have tried to install _out-of the Windows Update_ (flash-plugin installer for example) ...

I have done these attempts (in Win10) both when antivirus and firewall software have been on and off -> no success. My next choice will be to install the Window$ (8.0 + 8.1) again and try if the updating/upgraging process will succeed ... but only if i have the time to waste in that :)

For now, I am not too interested in getting X-Plane 10.x to run in Windows$, because it is running just fine in the Linux 64 environment.