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I'm trying to run the update installer on X-Plane version 9, operating in Windows 10 (Pro, 64-bit).

I was able to extract the "X-Plane Updater Windows" by running WinZip as an Administrator.

I then proceeded to run this installer (again as an Administrator), selected the current X-Plane 9 installation folder as the target C:\Programfiles(x86)/X-Plane 9, and the updater scanned that folder just fine.  

However, subsequently an error box popped up with the following message:

"The installer cannot extract a file.Error: Operation not permitted.  Perhaps you do not have access to a directory or file system.  Compressed file: C:\Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Temp/0.zip Compressed file: Destination: C:\Programfiles(x86)/X-Plane 9/X-Plane.exe"


Here's an extract from the X-Plane Installer log:

Zip to file failed with error 1. file = FILE_compress.cpp line = 409. inFile=C:\Program Files (x86)/X-Plane 9/X-Plane.exe.
UNZIP zip_to_file failed with err=1
Zip to file failed with error err = 1. file = FILE_compress.cpp line = 636. zip_file=C:\Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Temp/0.zip, out_dir=C:\Program Files (x86)/X-Plane 9/.

The installer cannot extract a file.
Error: Operation not permitted. Perhaps you do not have access to a directory or file system
Compressed File: C:\Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Temp/0.zip
Destination: C:\Program Files (x86)/X-Plane 9/X-Plane.exe
(utils.cpp line 438)
Clean exit from threads.

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ok, self-resolved.  Perhaps if I had followed your installation instructions exactly it would have helped.  After reading the manual a bit, I now understand your non-interference philosophy regarding registry keys &c.  

I relocated my X-Plane 9 folder from Program Files (x86) to my desktop, and now the updater works just fine.

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