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It was everything ok after two weeks of setup with no drop in frames!

Now after the installation of Jar's Ground Deluxe my frames is 0,4 and i can t even shut down the sim!
I removed the plugin but it is the same issue.
This is frustrating and i can t understand what is fault.
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Remove Jar's Ground Deluxe. Then trash your entire folder with the X-Plane Prefs. Maybe hold on to a few files like the one for key definitions. Restart X-Plane with the empty preferences folder. See what happens ...

If all goes well, you could put back the file with some of the prefs you wanted to keep. X-Plane always rebuilds the folder with preferences.
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Thanks a lot everything is fixed!!!!!!!!

Awesome answer :)
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Happy it worked ...

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Hi Aikinos,

As your problem is a 3rd party add-on you should contact the seller or the developer of the product.

Good luck


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