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I have been successfully using Oculus with my Windows 10PC for a while now.  Following the guidelines on X-Plane's support site I dowloaded Steam, SteamVR, and purchased X-Plane through Steam.  With some research I also found out how to upgrade to the Beta 11.20 through Steam.  

Nevertheless, when I attempt to follow the instructions through X-plan's support page and go to Setting; Graphics, and click on "enable VR" the game quits back to the desktop.  I have tried restarting the CPU several times, but always the same result.

I have SteamVR connected when I attempt this, and I have tried to launch the game through SteamVR and through the desktop.  While having the Oculus headset on it says "Connecting to Game..." but the game only shows up on my monitor.  Please let me know how to fix this.  I am happy to get a refund from Steam and purchase X-Plane through Laminar if that is the fix.  Please let me know.

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Hi, this is the most similar issue related to my problem i could ever found.

I am unable to get touch controllers working in xplane 11. I have followed all the documentation as well and there is no way that the touch controllers handle something inside the cockpit. Just move them and point to the button/switch which sets to green, but nothing else.

First day at least i could use the touch to move within the hangar, second day directly nothing. I think after investigation this could be specifically related to the beta version 11.20vr3. I think its clear its a beta under progress, but its unstable at all and i have watched videos and seen that many people are at least able to play with or withouts minor errors.

I tried to even downgrade to an the v2 beta in case, but couldnt.

Hope this can be resolved soon. I bought the oculus mainly for this game :)


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If you have flyinside installed this could cause a crash. Remove it via control panel.

If that is not the case you could try loading Xplane without initiating Steam VR first and then checking the VR box in Xplane and Steam VR should open automatically.

If non of those sort your issue then you should use the official forum and ask there. Also supply your log.txt file with any post - it can be found inside the main Xplane folder and details the loading process along with any errors.

The forum can be founds here
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Hi oboxer926,

This forum site is for the official and original X-plane software from Laminar Research.

Steam is not the official and original version of x-plane.  It is a hybrid commercially marketed product for commercial gain by a 3rd party.  You should take your concerns to a Steam forum.

You can't mix the official version with a steam version.  Files will be corrupted.  See and earlier forum question where this advice was given.