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The other day, I loaded X-Plane 11 and just as it loaded, at the airport and in the aircraft I chose, it crashed and, just as suddenly, the exe file disappeared leaving me with no way to get XP-11 to load.  Very strange.  So, I used the X-Plane Installer and updated the simulation and got my X-Plane.exe back.  Fired it up and everything seemed to work just fine except that I couldn't get real weather to load  I use xEnviro  and according to the xEnviro log, it can't find a server. I removed the plugin thinking that maybe that the problem was xEnviro but, no joy, I still couldn't get  the weather to work. 

Now before someone suggests that I should check,my internet connection, let me assure you that it works just fine.  Otherwise I wouldn't be here typing. ;)  When the crash occurred, I was loading the FlyJSim 737-200 at PAJN.  Both, after market plugins.  Been flying the 732 pretty steady now with no problems and I have never had a problem with PAJN either.

I am posting my X-Plane log and the xEnviro.log.  If anyone needs anything else, please let me know.

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Both logs show that they are not able to connect to the internet:

[22:18:50] Server not responding or internet connection is not available.

0:00:00.000 E/NET: Download failed with error: 7 for URL

There is something preventing X-Plane's internet access, possibly the firewall or something along those lines.
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I eventually reinstalled xp-11 and the weather is back working.  Firewall not withstanding.  Go figure. ;)