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I'm tyring to understand if there is adequate training material that is part of the program to help get a VFR license, similar to all the lessons FSX used to have.

Is it also possible to talk to a multiplayer ATC network?

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Hi Larry,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Personally I am not interested in multi player systems, but, I have seen recent comments (in this forum??) whereby Laminar Research accepts there is a need from its users to provide this option and is or will be working on a solution in the near future. 

In the meantime try a system called VATSIM whereby you can link with other flight simmers in a simulated real world.  I understand there is another system that does the same "thing" but I cannot remember the link (IVAO ???).

There are several experienced flight simmers who have created YouTube videos for the purpose of providing a VFR training service.  Have a look at the following links:-

1.  I am unable to boot-up X-Plane at the moment but from memory when you bootup X-Plane there is an option button for flight school either for Mouse use or hardware (joystick etc) use.  Meets your needs????

2.  Try the videos from Laminar Research at

3.  Try this link at  This site is not linked to Laminar Research.  Very good for others "things" as well.  I have seen a forum section as an "instruction" or "lessons" to assist with obtaining your PPL (  )

4.  Try this link at  You will need to scroll through the videos to find what you need.

5.  Try this link at  You will need to scroll back a few months to find the lessons.  Thomas creates a number superb videos which are used by many others.

6.  Try this link at  The creator has a double set of videos.  Scroll through his list.  

7.  Try this link at  You will need to scroll through the videos to find what you need.

8.  Try this link at  It will mean an expense on your behalf whereas the other suggested links are free.

9.  Your last option and may be your only option to meet your needs is to consult Dr Google by typing a series of keywords as part of the search.

Hope this all helps.  Welcome to X-Plane.