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I have followed the X-plane 11 lessons and I find them a bit lacking. Instead of text that gets you distracted an instructors voice would be better.

There is a part where ATC is involved, but again only text. Why not use the buildin ATC?

At the end of the lessons you get a score, on some elements its clear what they meanm but not how to do better. Would be nice if the instructor is more AI meaning not queued to say something but more dynamic reacting to how you fly.

Would also be nice to have many more lessons. And maybe different levels.

Example ILS landing with airstrip visible and a lesson with fog...

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Thanks for the feedback. The tutorials are based on technology we developed for X-Plane 10 mobile, which didn't have access to an ATC voice, but now that they're on the desktop sim there are more areas that could be synced up.
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But are updates for the lessons being worked on now?