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There is NO INSERT FILE BUTTON that I can find.

It says: Attach a Log.txt file from your X-Plane folder by clicking on the insert file button. 

How do I attach a log file when there is no insert button here?

Capt. G

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Hi Capt G,

Following the advice provided in the following link found at

Good luck


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Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your reply.

I noticed that AFTER I had uploaded my question, the mysterious attach button popped up.

Oh well, live and learn and crash.

Gary (Capt. G)

PS I made a notation on another of your answers that it is easier to start a 737 and I still stand behind that statement!

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Hi Gary,

The procedure may be long winded but I'm trying to help somebody when they want assistance.

Hope it did work

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Hi Glenn,

Don't get me wrong. No insult was intended.

It's the real short answers that never answer the question that was asked that should be insulted!



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