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i have updated my driver software for my intel (R) HD graphics card, re-downloaded and re installed the program, tried all of the modifiers to start the program with no GLSL (and every other one including -force_load, and may of them together) and I have even wiped my computer clean and changed my version of windows to windows 10 from windows 7 like it was before, re-downloaded, and still it stops in the middle of startup and then gives me an error. I have attached the installer log, "log" file inside the xplane 10 folder, and the cycle dump file from the same folder for review. HELP! I just paid a lot of money to play this! the error it gives when it gets stuck starting up is as follows:

there was a problem processing a GLSL pixel shader

you may need to re-run the installer or update your graphics drivers



and the file it looks like it gets stuck on is the united airlines &$& file that ends in CHUTE.pngthats all the info I can find. :/ the version I got was the download version. should be the full version of xplane 10.




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Does your PC meet X-Plane 10’s minimum system requirements as listed here on our website? In general, “integrated” graphics card do not meet these requirements. Generally these are Intel graphics cards. Most laptops use these, but so do many low-end PCs. They are not usually powerful enough to run X-Plane 10 smoothly.

Did you try the demo first to make sure it would install and run on your computer? If it doesn't seem like your computer specs will work with X-Plane, please contact customer support at [email protected].