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I baffled! I have what should be a killer system: Latest XP-11 version, Windows 10 64 pro, Alienware Area 51 R2 32GB, GTX 1080 8GB with 3 wrap-around monitors.  But I'm getting 16-19 FPS, with forward view stuttering while maneuvering. When I reduce Graphics setting to minimum settings FPS doesn't increase more than a frame or two. I've watched every tutorial on graphics settings and tried suggestions.

I've spent hours on the phone with Alienware Tech Support and their baffled and say it should be higher.  Updated BIOs, removed / reinstalled Win 10, graphics drivers, etc. etc.

Is this what I'll max out on frames per second?
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I can get more when I reduce settings and restart computer as this seems to reset for me.

As mentioned earlier x3 monitors medium settings I'm in the 20s FPS
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The thing is that X-plane 10 has 30-40 fps on same settings where X-plane 11 gives 17-19 fps.

I have 1080 GTX and with 4 screen is no difference then it is with one. The fps is 19 with medium low setting. BUT - If you check CPU - X-plane 11 only use ONE of 8 CPU - running nearly 100%, where overall CPU is only use around 20%.


AND - IF  Geoforce FPS reporot 100 FPS - at the same time X-plane using 19, so 81 fps is "gone" by this game.


Heaven benchmark is around 200 fps and other games gives 200-300 fps.


My opinion is that somthinmg has to be fixed in this gam - Made lots of bug report - both to Nvidia and to X-plane without any result-


PS - turn X-box off = ca 5 fps better in game.

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Here I also have a relatively high end system - i7-6850K, Asus ROG Anniv. V10 mothernoard, 32G ram, SSD storage, twin GTX 1080's (16 G tot.) driving a three 4k monitor setup. Get about the same frame rates that you mention: and, likewise changing the graphics settings does not have much effect. X-Plane still uses the OpelGL API - whereby one core/thread essentially handles all the graphics load to the GPU. This won't change until the software is written to use DX-12 or Vulkan. From some recent blogs, this is about a year off.
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I also have a solid rig with Radeon Pro Duo card i7 7700k 4.2GHZ and 32GB RAM and purely built for sim and three monitors 1080p but I'm sitting around similar FPS as the three monitors smash it pretty hard as different views they are essentially running three different executables so like x3 copies of Xplane unless you use Nvidia surround or AMD eyefinity which is no where near as good as its stretched. Tonight I tried just a single monitor at 1080p resolution and all MAX settings except one back from max on AA and get low 20s and creep up to 30s at times when at high altitude. This is with Ortho4xp at Z19 running whether that makes a difference not sure presume it would. Interested as to what frames you get on full max or same as above as comparison?? If you have time. FULL MAX INCLUDING AA one monitor I got 15-19 FPS
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I have found the best thing for me was getting Trackir.

It negated the need for having multi monitors so I was able to go back to one monitor and up the settings to max for some real eye candy.

Even a 1080ti is going to struggle with decent frames on multi monitor as X-plane is still very cpu dependant and the fps is based partly on cpu power.
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Running a single 1080p monitor with a gtx 1070ti over clocked, so basically a 1080 and im getting 27 fps... That is unacceptable. I am already upset by how much better flying looks in games that are not flight simulator games and to get 27 fps on this game is so annoying.