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I have Xplane 10 running on my computer.

I try to fly a Boeing 747 which is default installed in the game, so it is not an add-on.

I set the flaps, than I unlock the parking brake. Speed brake is not turned on.

Than I push forward the throttle for full power. And here is where the problem starts.

The airplane is not able to takeoff straightly, but immediately turns left or right and gets off the runway completely.

When I take an other view on the airplane (Shift + 1), it seems that the gears are breaking because I see some a little bit of smoking which indicates that the airplane is breaking. I cannot remember whether is the reargear pr the nosewheel. And I think the nosegear is not steering.

Further: the rudder and ailerons are centered.

How can I solve this problem?

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Hi, (I am not part of Laminar)

I haven't experienced this before so the only option I can give you is have you checked your Nullzone settings, then hit center yoke and pedals?

Is this happening with other default aircraft? Try with the default Cessna or some other aircraft

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