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I've just installed X plane and i can enable VR mode,  the VIVE controllers are being tracked but the INPUT is not recognised. I mean, i can't grab or selected anything.  

The controllers are tracked, and when i use the trigger i can see the animation in the simulator. The pointer shows, and in the cockpit view all the interactable elements glow in green. But i cant grab them or interact with them. If i use the mouse it works...

Some advice would be appreciated,
Thank you!

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We've been seeing a lot of bug reports on this issue so we are looking into it as much as possible. Some people have found that calibrating the controllers works, or uninstalling the Logitech X-52 profiler if you have it.

Otherwise, this appears to be a bug and you may have to wait for a new beta with a fix.
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i think ive got the same issue with the oculus, everything was fine 2 days ago, as only played the demo though.