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Hi guys,

A few days ago, my HTC VIVE Touch Controllers completely broke in X-Plane. They now only appear as "lighthouse" in the controller/joystick menus. The axis' are readable, and I can see inputs for them (Touchpad X, Touchpad Y, and VR Trigger), but no buttons are visible.

I can bind the appropriate commands to the axis', but I cannot bind anything to the buttons, therefore making X-Plane in VR unusable.

I have not installed, changed, or removed ANYTHING close to where the controllers broke.

My best guess is that SteamVR has updated and broke it, but it raises the question of why just me and not others using the VIVE or SteamVR.


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Yep. Getting same issue. When I go into the hanger I cannot use my controllers to move about or operate the notice board thing. Then trying to disable VR just causes issues with loading the game.

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The issue was with the latest update to SteamVR. I rolled it back to a previous version "hotfix" in steam and it now works great.

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How exactly do you do that?  Is it from the settings or do you have to manually swap files?
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It's all done through Steam.

First, navigate to the "VR" section of your steam library: IMAGE

Then, right click on SteamVR and open the "Properties" menu IMAGE

Select the "Beta" tab and roll SteamVR back to the 6/21/2018 hotfix version. IMAGE

This rolls SteamVR back to late June and is only a workaround of the problem. The problem still exists, but it is manageable. Currently, I don't have any buttons seen by X-Plane, and the controllers appear as "lighthouse". With this fix, it remains named "lighthouse", but at least the buttons are now visible and bindable. I have to rebind the controller buttons everytime I use VR, but it is relatively quick to do.

I wish Laminar and/or Steam would fix this. I'm not sure how many other people are having this issue, but it is horrendous.

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Thanks, I'll try it out.  If I helps I sent in a bug report on their official page.  Hopefully it gives the issue that much more visibility..

... do you think getting a refund for it would send a better message (I'm but one dude..)
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I've also submitted a report to them. I wouldn't get a refund because then you won't be able to fly anymore unless you switch to a different sim. wink

For now, I'm just sitting and waiting... Hoping for a fix.