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I wanted to try X-Plane with my HTC Vive so I downloaded the demo and i had enabled VR mode,  the VIVE controllers and the headset are being tracked but the INPUT is not recognised. I mean, i can't grab, click on the UI or selected anything.

I've read that calibrating the controller solve the problem but my controller are not detected in the joystick menu. Is there another way to calibrate ?

The controllers are tracked, and  i can see the animation of the trigger in the simulator. It just don't receive any input.

It seems to be a problem since a long time but I haven't seen any kind of solution since now.

I don't use any joystick, I saw that uninstalling X-52 controller may work but i never installed it.

Any help would be greatly apreciated !

Thank you

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I love x-plane and I bought my HTC vive some months ago now. Been flying with it and loving every bit of it. But about  3 weeks ago x-plane stopped recognising my vive. I am also looking for a solution.

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We were not able to reproduce this behavior. We have heard some people are having problems using the controllers if they were off when the sim was started, and later turned on, so make sure you turn everything on before starting X-Plane.

Make sure everything is updated (SteamVR, anything from the set manufacturer, etc). Try resetting to default preferences to see if that helps:

Move the preferences folder (found in the Output folder) to the desktop, then restart X‑Plane and default preferences will be restored. If the default preferences do not fix your problem, you can simply replace them with the folder you moved to the desktop and restore your personalized settings.
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I was also just informed of this:

  • Windows Mixed Reality VR controllers require a good bluetooth connection to the PC. Many PC's use an external WiFi antenna for their bluetooth signal as well. If you're having trouble with the WMR controllers not appearing or being unstable and disconnecting, make sure your WiFi antenna is attached securely.
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I have the same problem,I have HTC Vive and  I cannot select anything from VR mode. When I change X plane 11 to VR Mode, the HTC vive controllers are detecting and I can see the controllers in VR headset. But I cannot select anything.  Everything is up to date and tried moving the preference folder, still no luck. Please help..
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Same problem here please help!!!
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My problem resolved. Please try below options

1. Reinstall Vive drivers and GPU drivers.

2. Replace preferences folder

It worked for me.

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