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I’m an experienced C++ and OpenGL developer who is just starting out with X-Plane plugin development. I’m going to develop a plugin for a VR application. The plugin will need to do the following…

  • Split the X-Plane window into two viewports, one for each eye (for a HMD likely not supported by SteamVR).
  • Draw graphics generated by a custom GLSL shader into an overlay on top of the X-Plane window.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible to do with the plugin SDK and if so, what SDK components will I need to work with?

Thank you!

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I guess if you base all your work in OpenGL, make sure it will be compatible with Vulkan after they implement it. I didn't read about VR sdk being released... good luck!"
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Thanks for the tip, but I don't need the plugin to be compatible with future versions of X-Plane, just version 11.
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Vulkan will be implemented in X-Plane 11 (someday near the end of the year if we are lucky) maybe in 2019
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So what happens to all the OpenGL based plugins out there? Surely people can still use X-Plane 11.10 after the Vulcan upgrade?
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Laminar said that in X-Plane 11 will be compatible but, since rendering method (I'm not developer, talking from logic) after API changes will change, basing a new code in  a rendering  fixed to the opengl could be difficult. You might have to ask Laminar directly.

Good luck again!

I guess you want to do a similar plugin like FlyInside XP
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Yes, I'm looking for guidence on how to write something like FlyInside XP. Don't care about Vulcan right now. Does anyone have any suggestions for where to start with this?