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Windows 10

Microsoft Office Pro 2013

I already have X-Plane 10 running on the PC

If I click directly on the installer file,X-Plane Installer.prf (or X-Plane_drm.prf) in C:Users\*****\AppData\Local it opens Microsoft Outlook.

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Hi bobpu

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

You need to load X-plane onto the desktop or a dedicated drive.  The software cannot be loaded into any other file structure system within windows as you would do with some windows products.  If you do the files can become corrupted and other files take over.

Based on the information provided I would suggest deleting the software completely and start again and load onto the desktop.  If loaded to the desktop or a dedicated drive it will be a complete package with all files in that directory.  Provided you have loaded XP10 into its own dedicated directory XP11 will not interfere with XP10.

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Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your hint, it worked for me!

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Hi Glen,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I was trying to install the demo download which defaults to C: drive. If I decide to install XP11 I will put it on a different drive.


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