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So ever since i uninstal it and i want to download it it keeps failing like on google it says the is an error etc but this doesnt happen if i download other app actually i ever tried to install xplane 10 from another web but it fails also. Does that affect the file or data from google play?. So the conclusion is i cant download xplane10 on google play it fails many times. I try the sollution from google play but it didnt work. Pls help me i just want to buy the Boeing 737-800.

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Hi, what kind of phone do you have? Apple does not support XPlane 10 Mobile. If you have an Android phone, you may want to check your storage, as XPlane 10 takes over 1GB of phone storage. Deleting unwanted apps and/or photos will definitely free up more memory for XPlane 10 to run on. However, the newest update for XPlane 10 Mobile (10.8.0) is said to have a number of problems, so if you free up enough storage to get it, I'd recommend waiting until the next update arrives. Best of luck and happy flying!