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In flight I check my location map using the following keys:

P - Pause

Mouse to scan local map

P - Pause to remove and resume.

Mouse to resume.

S - Throttle up a bit - no response

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Hi Jon,

Did you set up the S key to be bound to the throttle? By default, I don't think 's' is assigned to anything and throttle is controlled by F2.
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When I downloaded X-Plane the F2 key certainly controlled the Throttle.  I changed this to "s" Throttle up a bit and also 'x" Throttle down a bit.  Booth changes seem to be working OK.

My problem now is that when using the Control  R (pause) and/or "p" key (also pause) I lose the ability to use the throttle keys and subsequently have to commit to an emergency landing or just crash.
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I changed my key bindings to match yours (s=throttle up, x=throttle down, p=pause) and tried toggling pause multiple times while using the default C4 jet. I was able to adjust my throttle up or down each time without issue.

Please provide additional, step by step details to recreate this. Which plane do you see this in? How many times do you have to press the pause key? Please include a copy of your log.txt from after one of the times you see this.