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1) Installed Disc 1 in my Disc Drive (Windows 10 64 bit)

2) Did not run automatically - opened file in Windows - started to run.

3) Download began - Scenery selected None and choose North America areas.

4) Install began.

5) First attempt to download Disc 1 took more than 4 hours.

6) Disc then popped out of drive and indicated to insert Disc 2.

7) Inserted Disc 2 - start to spool up - Window came up in right lower corner of my desktop - quickly closed -something about "what do you wish to do with drivers" not sure exact since it disappeared so fast.

8) The disc then (within 30 seconds of inserting it) popped out.

9) X-Plane 11 window indicated to install Disc 3.

10) Inserted Disc 3 - nothing happened.

11) Reinserted Disc 2 - spooled up and took over 2 hours to load - still showed insert Disc 3

12) Disc 2 popped out - Inserted Disc 3 (Nothing happened for 10 minutes).

13) Uninstalled program completely - moved items to recycle bin.

14) Went to website - installed "downloading dvd zip file"

15) Attempted to re-install from fresh.

16) Same result.

17) Checked online for hints.

18) Left phone message.

19) Sent this email.

Thanks Rick

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I solved the issue. When I chose None in the scenery download screen, I then picked the areas I wanted. This allowed the install to ignore a long install time for all areas.

When the program indicated insert disc 2 and started to load the second disk it did not have to install all the areas which resulted in a quick disk pop out. Indicating insert disk 3.

When I inserted Disk 3 I did not hear my DVD spool up, but looking at the screen I could see files being downloaded. That was my mistake, I did not allow the program to do it's work.

Being a first timer at this and not very good on computers it was a challenge after 5 attempts.

By the way it took just under 7 hours to install. Put your feet up and enjoy.

The program is up and running and now attempting to tweak the flight controller.