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today X-plane 11 updated to the latest VR beta. After that, the game crashed when i loaded a flight. so i rebooted the entire pc and the game and tried again. the game loaded fine, but the vr headeset resolution dropped so low that it gave me a headache and was unplayable. 

​my rig should not be the problem:

​- i7 7700K processor 

- GTX 1080 graphics card

- 16 GB RAM

- 500 GB SSD

- 2 TB HDD (game is installed here)

​The FPS are fine, the resolution seems to be the problem. i can't seem to adjust it..

​Anyone here that had the same problem and somehow solved it? Help would be appreciated! 

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Same here on a Samsung Odyssey rig - pretty much unplayable, instruments too blurred to read. similar hardware as above apart from GTX1080ti if that makes any difference. Worked brilliantly on Friday.
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I've got the same problem... just bought this on Steam to play in VR, but it's unplayable. Resolution in the HMD looks like VGA or something, can't make out anything.  Think I'm going to return it, as they made such a big deal about the VR experience and it now doesn't work.

12 core i9, GTX 1080ti, 128GB ram so it's not the rig.

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Hi Xaxrtreth,

   I have just had another update and it looks like they have fixed the resolution issue - however my controls keep disappearing from the virtual environment and it doesn't seem to like responding to clicking but I need to ensure the problem isn't steam (or WMR for that matter) before logging it as a bug.
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Hi to the VR flight simmers

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer not using VR.

Have a look at the two links mentioned in the answer from amelingu at

This may assist in solving your problem.