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So I just learned that X-Plane intentionally slows down simulator time when FPS is below 20 fps. Is there a way to figure out at which rate the time is slowed? I've been using data.txt outputs from X-Plane for research and I just realized that I wasted around 50 hours of my time because of this ridiculous "feature."

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Some facts and explanations about this "ridiculous" feature :

Minimum and recommended hardware specifications for x-plane 11 :

YouTube has many videos explaining how to tune X-plane graphic settings and GPU settings for best compromise. Here is one of them :

From x-plane settings, if you enable fps output (under output tab), you should get a value indicating sim time or something similar. I think this is what you are looking for. I am not sure you will be able to do something precise with that. If you are below 20 fps, this value fluctuates a lot!!
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Well, so here is the issue. I did not receive any pop-up messages regarding my fps and it seemed smooth enough to me, so I never even considered lowering the rendering settings. Thank you for the links.
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Ok, in this case, your computer must be not so bad.. if I were you, if I wanted to perform tests where time matters, i would set every graphic settings at minimum, and fly over the ocean, with as little land land as possible. No cloud.

I would also delete .../x-plane 11/output/Preferences folder. You would lose all your settings but this very often improves fps.

What are you computer specifications? Can you attach you .../X-Plane 11/log.txt?