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Hello everyone,

New to Xplane, made the switch after countless of years of P3D and FSX, very very happy with XP11, that is what made me switch.

However, I have two things I cant figure out:

1. When I start Xplane everything runs fine, good FPS and so on, just pleasant. After completed flight i.e. 1 hour I do a new one and then FPS drops. Same plane, same time, same scenary and location. I read that fog is introduced to compensate for FPS if it begins to drop but that does not seem to happen, visibility seems almost unlimited on the second flight. It gives the impression of a memory leak, not sayint that it is. Is fog introduced everytime FPS drops? How does it work or do I have it all wrong?

2. Object collision, where do I enable that? I seem to fly through trees and Buildings with no impact, where do I activate that?



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Hi and welcome to X-Plane :)

There is no option for object collision in X-plane (it consumes too much ressource). It is possible to enable that per object though, when creating an object. But it is not the right place to say more about that.

Regarding low fps, you can see how many fps you actually have by enabling the fps output data in X-plane settings (data output tab).

You shoulg give more details about your hardware and include your ...\X-Plane 11\log.txt file, otherwise we are totally blind.

More information about recommended hardware configuration :

Best regards,

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Thank you for your answer, I can live with no object collision, all I have to do is avoid the objects.

I will also take a look at the log and see what might impact the FPS.

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