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I have tried everything, from removing custom scenery, plugins etc to completely re installing xplane 11. I've even taken my system to pieces and reapplied thermal paste in case I was experiencing thermal throttling... Non the less my sim is failing to achieve any more than 10 FPS (at best) even on the lowest of settings. This should not be the case on my high end system that consists of a GTX1080 Ti, I7 6700 and 32 GB of ram.

Ordinarily I run the sim on my triple monitor setup at a resolution of 5760 x 1080 but currently i cant even run it on one monitor at 1920 x 1080...

Any help would be greatly appreciated all my other games work fine and after being stuck with this issue for weeks now, i'm seriously thinking about switching sims...

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Same here, I am not shocked that nobody answered. I have a i7 8700k and a 1070 ti Over clocked and I cant even play this game at 4k. At 1080p im getting 27 FPS !! This game takes the award for the worst optimization of 2017. I WILL NOT BE SPENDING EVEN A DOLLAR IF MY 1070 TI IS GETTING 27 FPS!

The game honestly doesnt even look that much better than Microsoft flight simulator 2006! I can play the latest most amazing looking open world games that are just as big or bigger than this game, there is no excuses on below 30 fps on a high end gaming pc
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I'ts such a shame to read that i'm not the only one experiencing issues, just be glad your getting more than 20 fps, my system literally goes no higher than 6fps... I think im gonna try prepar3d...
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Please reference my comment in another thread regarding the OpenGL API.

Here I have a triple 4K monitor setup (11520 x 2160) with nVidia surround - an i7-6850K CPU, 32Gb memory, two 1080's (8Gb each) in SLI, all SSD storage. Use Ortho scenery, with most sliders set medium to high (alias off) -  in the Laminar C172  I'll get 35 fps at 3D GA airports (example KDXR). Sure I'd like to see it faster - the view in the side monitors can occasionally be a bit choppy - but then the side monitors are really for ambience/immersion effects.
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How are you getting that performance? I know 35fps isnt good but its a damn bit better than my unplayable 5fps. I think there's more going on in my case than just an OpenGL issue. perhaps there's some kind of compatibility issue with my card?
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It does seem that there's something other then OpenGL.

re-checked my X-Plane settings:

Visual Effects - High (HDR)

Texture Quality - High

Antialiasing - FXAA

Number of World Objects - High

Reflection Detail - low

In the nVidia Comtrol Panel:

Max pre-rendered frames = 1

Threaded Optimization, Triple Buffering, Vertical Sync all = ON

My recommendation is that if any setting is changed within X-Plane's window, let the sim re-install/update the system, then exit and re-start. The program can get "confused" if this isn't done.
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I've replicated your XPlane 11 settings but am still getting the same result, the sim just wont exceed 6fps... Have you got any custom selections made in the Nvidia control panel for XPlane11