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All of my single engine aircraft have no stability control on the ground or in the air.  Example: I set the aircraft in slightly nose up pitch attitude in a VY climb.  I use a few turns of elevator nose up trim to get established in the climb.  I take my hands off the joystick and the aircraft is all over the sky. Within seconds I am in a 60 degree bank to the left, approaching VNE in an unusual and unrecoverable flight attitude. One second I am climbing at over 2000 FPM and the next I am descending at 1500 FPM.  I am an instrument rated pilot with over 200 hours so I know flying an actual Cessna 172 is not this difficult.  Is there something I am missing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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This forum post should help-explains why the 172 will veer to the left

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Another quick thing to check: joystick centering. Leave the hardware completely untouched at its natural resting spot and hit the "use THIS position as CENTER" button.