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this message just pops up when i am in the middle of flying. don't know why. nothing big, as i just click on "i understand" and it goes away. but it is annoying to pop up when i am flying.i have not loaded anything new lately. and i'm not sure what the message means.
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I have the same problem.  I looked at the log file, and X-plane thinks I have filed a flight plan. I did not.  The error message seems to appear because I'm not following the " flight plan". I looked at the Log file and found the following line: p1(N01XP) Popup FP filed to KSDF at 35000 via 6107N11751W YHY YSM YKJ YVC YQD LEATS YDN VLR HML IDJ ST

What is a popup FP (file plan?).  How do I remopve it?


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I did a little searching and found it may be from a screwed-up ATC taxi route at an airport. Upload a copy of your log.txt from a session where you get this message if you want me to investigate further.
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thanks for the time and effort. i appreciate it. i think most of my setup is good to go, but this is something new. thanks again. 


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I am having the same issue. I just completely reinstalled x-plane and it's still giving me the same error. I've attached my log file as well. 


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I believe you are seeing this issue because of AI aircraft. Please try turning the number of aircraft to 1 on the second tab of the Aircraft & situations screen.