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Hi there,

Relating to my question about viruses and BSOD's, my computer is shutting down randomly then rebooting itself after 10 min to 2 hours while playing X-plane 10. I have already checked the requirements to run the game, and my machine is more than capable of achieving 30+ FPS. My Power Supply is a Logysis 650 watt psu. However, could this be an issue based on my when my computer randomly restarts? BSOD's and viruses aren't a big deal, but this issue is bothering me a lot. Have i made a mistake in buying an unreliable brand or should i have gone with Corsair?


MSI Z-87 G-41 Motherboard

Nvidia GTX 970 4 gb VRAM

Graphics Driver is 364.51

16 gb RAM 2 Brands Corsair and Ballistix

Intel i7 4770k @3,5ghz

Logysis 650 Watt PSU

Thank You

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Hi Rishi,

In your other log I made comment about what my specs for my PC were with a mention about the power supply. I am not fully operational as yet and therefor cannot asses whether my PSU will cope.

I have had a look, via google, at the specs for your graphics card. The power consuption requirement is 550 watt and your power supply is only 650 watt.  Doesn't leave much "room" for anything else.  Not knowing what other equipment you have connected as part of your sim I would suggest, if not already done so, use a powered USB hub to reduce the power consumption through your mother board by your equipment.

I respectfully suggest you need another higher power rated PSU.

Hope this all helps

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Thanks Glenn :)

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I Got The Same Problem I Changed Socket Of My Power Board Now its Working Fine.