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Looking to starting a new flight already in air on an approach so I can fly more approaches faster...

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Hi donemory,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I don't have a direct answer to your question.

Have a look at some of the tutorial videos from Thomas Rasmussen  which can be found at  Thomas is a well known, experienced and knowledgable  X-Plane user (flyer).  Some of his review videos are used by the aircraft developer(s) as part of their sales promotions.  His tutorial videos from about 8 months ago initially start on the ground and by pushing a few buttons placed you in the air at about 3000 ft.  You may be able spot how he does it and it may a part solution to you question.

In x-plane 10 there was an option of "get me lost" whereby the instalation process placed you anywhere in the world and at various altitudes and you then had to determine where you were.  Is it in X-Plane eleven?  Don't know as yet.

Hope these comments may assist in getting better enjoyment from X-Plane.


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Thank you for your response...I will try that.
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Not sure if this is what you're looking for... Bring up the map view, zoom in on the airport of interest, click on the airport. Your should see a series of choices for starting the sim on a final for a given runway - use it all the time.
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Thanks for the input...
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Easy, assuming you are running xPlane 11 like I am.  

In the flight Location set up where you pick your airport, click "customize"

Then on the lower left "Starts" menu, select  "runway" and then 10 nm approach from the drop down box.

commented by (14 points) well.  Thanks for the diagrams.