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Why? - because I have it on a new gaming laptop (runs X-Plane very well) which I have "docked" to my desktop monitor and Saitek X-55 plus rudder pedals. I have assigned many buttons/axes and all is well.

I would like to also run it in other places with a simpler stick/ gamepad (especially when making/converting scenery and checking with a quick flight over it).

Can it "remember" the X-55 assignments and settings or would that erase them? if so is there a config file I could copy first and swap?

With Microsoft FS (pardon my language) I have to keep 3 different FS9.cfg files with different controller setups and rename whichever one I want at the time.

Sorry for all these questions - it is a really great sim and well worth the 60 bucks! (in UK pounds - under 40).

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Yes, it does remember them.  X-Plane attempts to map different hardware into different "slots" in the preferences file.  Each configuration is disjoint; you can even have the same axis assigned twice as long as you don't plug in both hardware devices at the same time.

Unfortunately null zones and some of the 'tuning' parameters are not saved separately per device.