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My computer (1.8 GHZ, 4 gigs of RAM) runs the X-Plane 10 demo around Seattle flawlessly, but I was reading the minimum specifications and my computer doesn't meet them. I'm thinking that it shouldn't run any different than the demo does around KSEA, but does the full version strain the computer alot more?

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Hi Cameron,

It Depends what your rendering settings are at. IF you want a ton of eye candy, your machine isn't going to fit the bill. You should achieve more than 26+fps to get a good experience. However with only 4 gb of RAM, you are likely to run out of VAS (Virtual Address Space). Aim to get 8 gb of RAM. Your processor isn't that great either. What is your graphics card? You MUST have at least 2 gb of VRAM to perform well. If you add dense weather, you computer will slow down even more. 

My specs for comparison I get 30 fps

MSI Z-87 G-41 Mobo

GTX 970 4gb VRAM

Intel I7 4770k @ 3.5ghz

16 gb RAM

Hope I helped


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If you can run X-Plane 10 Demo on your computer, then there shouldn't be any problem with full version of X-Plane 10.