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Good day all.  I have a new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.  From all the Apple documentation I have been able to source, the ability to lock Function Keys in position on the touch bar is dependent on assigning this feature to an application in the System Preferences.  While I have done so, and the application assignment shows accurately and consistently in the appropriate system preference, I still do not have the function keys displayed continuously on the touch bar.  They are available via the "Fn" key, but that's a bit inconvenient.  Is this a known compatibility issue with X-Plane 10 and the new Touch Bar feature?
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Confirmed that this is also the same issue with the new X-palne version 11 Beta.

As the new Mac's with the touchbars came out after both products were mainly developed, the real functionality has yet to been programed.

It would be great to have an option with worded functions like auto-pilot, nav, throttles available.  Perhaps a customizable option like the joysticks already have.

one more long term option would be great to have mini gages showing on the the touch bar.
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i just purchased a 2017 macbook pro and cant believe x-plane wont work because the function keys are not displaying on the touchbar.

apple says x-plane developers need to allow for the function keys to appear via keyboard settings

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There is not a known issue, but I don't believe any of the X-Plane team have the latest Macbook to try it, so it's definitely possible.
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Checking in to see if anyone on the dev team has been able to try the new touch bar functions options or looked into plans for future.

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Bump. ...any progress from this past year?