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Everything in xp11 works fine BUT launching a glider with a towplane works about 1 in 12 times. I can launch with a winch, and I can fly any other plane so I know it is not me or my controllers. I went to the extreme of moving plugin folders out of the xp11 folder, with limited success. Often I release the brakes and nothing happens. Sometimes the towplane disappears after a second.I will repeat for the sake of clarity--No plugins are being loaded.

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I know you’ve stated that there is no plugin loaded.  But I just want to mention that in my own experience, when I have “XSquawkBox” loaded, glider towing behaves very much like what you’ve described.  And when I disable XSquawkBox, towing works fine.  Is it possible that there's some hidden add-on that manipulates or AI traffic in use?
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Disabling plug-ins had limited effect, so as I said initially I took the more extreme step of removing plug-in folders from the x-plane folder to be certain nothing loaded. I double-checked in the plug-in manager and nothing unneeded is being loaded.

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