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I'm not sure what happened but I only use X-Plane in VR. Every since it updated to 11.20b3 x-plane has been almost unusable in VR.  The screen in the headset will freeze about 75% of the time in VR. I downgraded to 11.10 but realized there was no option for VR so enabled betas again and updated back to 11.20b3.  Now my Rift touch controllers won't work. They show up on the screen and the laser pointers work, I can also move myself around but they will not select any options in the menu therefore the only thing I can do in x-plane is move around the hangar on the opening VR screen. Can anyone help?

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Hi, am not from laminar but a flight simmer like you, I had similar problem as you, I would stick to flyinside with xp11.10 as I have no problems with it until xplane VR comes out of beta.

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