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I continue to have Low frame rate issues.  I have it installed on a SSD with PC specs below but my MAX frame rate that I am able to get on the LOWEST settings, all sliders left, resolution turned down, shading uncheck, is 35 parked at SEA.  My VEGA and CPU are at ~ 10% usage on this.  What is interesting and frustrating, when almost all the sliders are right, my CPU is only at 25% usage and GPU is ~ 35% usage but FPS is ~ 25.  

Minimal background programs running.  does not matter if just after restart, using 11.20beta (I have used this then uninstalled this and re-installed it without beta), or if Kaspersky AV is running or not.  I have searched the internet and can not find ANYthing that makes a difference.


XP 11.10 (it does this with 11.20b as well)

on latest drivers for Vega. driver 18.3.4

Windows 10


Radeon RX Vega 64 driver 18.3.4

AMD 1700x

32 GB Ram @ 2400

1 GB ssD Samsung

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To answer my own question.  

 Go to youtube and type in performance vega or 1080ti.  You will see one consistent think, both the 1080ti and the VEGA will be running at ~ 35% capacity with FPS 30-55 favoring the 1080ti.  I typed that correctly, the utilization of the GPU is only about 35% with CPU utilization about 20-30%.  This is a problem with XP11 coding since both brands are way under preforming.  check out this comparison of 1080 and vega 64.

 Notice the vega has a lower FPS but look at the utilization.  There is a ton of examples like this.  

A very long story short, I just completed testing xp 11.20 beta with my system and found some very interesting results.  If I turned everything down with the default Cessna or 747, resolution 1280x786, lowest visual effect, texture quality, world objection , reflections....everything, the FPS was 67 with GPU utilization of 60%, Vram 20%, CPU 21% (no cores even close to max), Ram 17%.   After running literally running 30 different scenario (I kept track of every combination in excel), the best combination of appearance to utilization was FPS 40, GPU utilization ~65%, Vram 48%, CPU 15%, Ram 24%, with setting of: Resolution 2560x1440 Visual effects high (hdr), texture maximum, Antialiase 4x SSAA, number of world object Low - medium, refection minimal, draw parked aircraft on, flight models per frame 2.  Of note, the problem I was having above is that I had the flight models per frame up to 10.  If though it was not even coming close to pushing my CPU utilization > 25%, it was killing my FPS without using my GPU.  I don't know why this is.  Where is the bottle neck?

When flying a payware, Mooney M20, the FPS dropped but with less utilization so the setting changed to:    Resolution 2560x1440 Visual effects Maximum, texture maximum, Antialiase FXAA, number of world object  medium, refection minimal, draw parked aircraft on, flight models per frame 3. with FPS of ~ 33.   This looks gorgeous!

In summary.  It is really frustrating to buy such hardware and see it mostly idle.  XP 11 is a poor use of resources for the Vega 64, 1080, 1080ti.  

I really hope the Laminar crew and code this better.
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To fix this X plane issue, go to and install Prepared. I have been using this for a good number of hours and works great.  When X plane works better, I may consider trying it again.  

Frankly, it does not matter which is better if it runs like a dog.  If you have AMD GPU, go with prepared V4 for now.