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I noticed that there are some issues with the default 747 (using the paintkit Provided), and wondered a few things:

1) the default paint-kit is a really dirty white, is there a nice clean white available?

2) the co-pilot side seems to reverse/flip one of the sections in the tail (Both plane-maker and in game have the same result):screenshot

was wondering if you guys were aware of this, and/or if you are aware of any work-around's.


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#2 sounds like a bug. It is more visible in the livery in your attached screenshot than on the default aircraft, where that section is all white. I would recommend filing a bug and including the livery if possible so we can take a look at it.

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Thanks, I think I filed a bug report - not sure if I did properly, but after clicking on submit, it just brought me back to the bug report screen without any confirmation or anything.
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If it was successful the following page should have been a confirmation. If you attached files and any of them were too large the report will fail to send without any error message to inform you (it's a really old web form that has never been updated).
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I am guessing an 84MB zip file is too big then :) I will try again, shrinking the livery to just the files needed to reproduce the error.
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Bug report opened successfully :)  It needed a log.txt and 84MB was too big, so I gave a link to a google drive download. Hope that's OK.